Embracing the Synergy of Additive Manufacturing and Digital Inventory Solutions: A Path to Sustainability

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August 10, 2023

As world leaders gather for COP28 in Abu Dhabi, the collective consciousness gravitates towards strategies that can pave the way for a greener future. In this global dialogue, the amalgamation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Digital Inventory Solutions (DIS) emerges as a formidable response to our climate challenges.

The Potential of AM

Additive manufacturing isn’t merely a technological advancement; it’s a revolution in efficiency and sustainability. By replacing 25% of conventional manufacturing, AM has the potential to significantly reduce global emissions. Consider these figures:

Aspect Description Savings (gigatons of CO2) Saving (%)
Energy Efficiency Reduction in energy use with AM 0.545 5.57%
Material Efficiency Savings from using only needed materials in AM 0.654 6.68%
Shipping Reduction Reduction in shipping due to localized production 0.0132 0.14%
Total Potential Savings Combined savings from energy, material, and shipping 1.2122 12.39%


The formula used:

Percentage Savings  =  (
Potential Reduction from AM
Combined Industrial Manufacturing and Shipping Emissions
 )  X 100

The Role of DIS

To unlock the full potential of AM, we need to consider the transformative power of Digital Inventory Solutions. By storing digital twins of spare parts, DIS enables on-demand, localized production, eliminating substantial shipping needs. This synergy amplifies the environmental benefits of AM, shaping a new paradigm in manufacturing that aligns perfectly with global sustainability goals.

Learn more about Digital Inventory Solutions (DIS).

The Call to Action at COP28

Together, AM and DIS are more than just innovations; they represent a clear, compelling pathway to our sustainable industrial future. The potential 12.39% reduction in emissions is a call to action, a vital step in our collective fight against climate change. COP28 provides the platform to recognize and champion this synergy.


As the world stands at a crossroads, the integration of AM and DIS offers a direction that marries technological excellence with environmental stewardship. The time to embrace this synergy is now. Abu Dhabi’s COP28 is not just a stage for dialogue but a launchpad for tangible change.

The collaboration of Additive Manufacturing and Digital Inventory Solutions is not just our future; it’s our commitment to the planet. The figures speak volumes, and the formulas translate into real-world impact. Let’s make the promise of AM and DIS a reality, starting at COP28.