Immensa prides itself on being a pioneer in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry and particularly the one targeting the energy and oil & gas sectors. Immensa’s team has taken part in informative programs that have contributed to the shaping of AM and Digital Inventory Solution (DIS) standards globally, setting itself apart as an industry leader.

The Joint Innovation Programs

In March of 2020, Immensa, as part of a partnership of twenty (20) organizations, completed a Joint Innovation Project (JIP) that endeavored at qualifying additive manufacturing in Oil & Gas and Maritime industries. Directed by DNV (formerly DNV GL) and Berenschot, the JIP highlighted the development of guidelines for the qualification of parts produced by Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF).

The project, which lasted two years, established the DNV-GL standard (DNVGL-ST-B203), which is open and available to the public. The issuance of the guidelines and associated standards facilitated the adoption of AM in the O&G industry for the consortium participants and other companies.

After the success of the initial JIP, DNV launched two new JIPs one to examine the use of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) and the other to develop a recognized framework for applying Digital Warehouse initiatives.

Immensa, an active member in the initial JIP was one of the first companies to sign onto the Digital Warehouse (DW) JIP. The DW JIP  saw new partners from both the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Oil & Gas Operators participate.  The collaboration was to leverage the outcome of the first JIP and build on it to enable and understand the implications and proper application of the Digital Supply Chain in the energy sector.

DNV prior to launch explained, “The Guideline will be developed to mitigate those failure modes to build trust in the process and products when produced following the Guideline.” The Initial JIP outlines how to ensure the application of additive manufacturing in producing qualifying parts, while the second JIP was to build a framework on how to ensure the reliability of data and parts being transformed and exchanged digitally.

The programs brought together international industry leaders to take part in setting the standard for this digital disruption of the oil and gas industry. Its scope of work includes:

●        Printing capacity

●        Production capabilities

●        Risk assessment

●        Software solutions

●        Warehouse assessment

●        Cost reduction

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API standard (API 20S) for Metal additive manufacturing in the O&G industry and API standard for Non-Metal additive manufacturing (high-performance polymers)

Another notable role Immensa played was in the American petroleum institute (API) committee to generate the first API standard (API 20S) for Metal additive manufacturing in the O&G industry. The API plays a significant role in setting high standards for the manufacturing industry. It monitors the production and documentation of metallic components of the oil and gas industry, powder bed fusion (PBF), directed energy deposition (DED), and binder jetting (BJT) processes.

It introduces three levels of manufacturing additives (AMSLs), which differ in terms of quality, technicalities, and purposes. They service the control of inspection, equipment, testing, and final tools.

Immensa has proudly taken part in the API metal manufacturing program and will also be part of the non-metal additive manufacturing program currently in progress. API is considered a high-quality safety and efficiency standard that meets the rising global demands and innovative initiatives. It does not only set the ground for advanced technologies in the oil and gas industry but also enhances environmental progress and quality expectations.

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Immense is on an ongoing promise of quality assurance, setting international standards, and continuous innovation.

About Immensa:

Immensa is a solution provider that leverages advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing (AM) to take physical spare parts and dematerialize them into the digital, on-demand world.

We care about transforming the world’s spare parts supply chain through a sustainable, efficient, and financially viable transitioning to digital warehousing while economically leveraging AM technologies. Check our website for more information.